British Arrows 2018


Parabella’s Great British Bake Off: New Director (Gold) Entertainment Promotions (Gold) Use of Existing Music (Silver)

Elliot Dear’s BBC Christmas: Entertainment Promotions (Gold)

Noah Harris’s E.on x Gorillaz: Financial and Corporate Service (Bronze) 

Majid Adin & Stephen McNally’s Rocket Man: Branded Entertainment (Bronze)

Parabella - The Great British Bake Off
Elliot Dear - BBC One
Gorillaz X E.on - A Solar Collaboration
Elton John - Rocket Man

Dougal Wilson’s Channel 4 Idents: UK Campaign, The John Webster Award (Gold)

Dougal Wilson’s Apple ‘Barbers': Electronics (Silver)

The Bobbsey Twins MoneySuperMarket: Best Over 90 Second Commercial (Bronze), Financial and Corporate Service (Silver)

Channel 4 - Idents
MoneySuperMarket - Dirty Dancing
Apple - Barbershop
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