Joseph Mann

Joseph Mann
Joseph Mann x Rune Spaans
Pilgrim's Choice
Charlie's Dream
Joseph Mann
Camera Obscura
Break It To You Gently
Joseph Mann
Totally Sold
Joseph Mann
Barry The Biscuit Boy
Joseph Mann
Police Dog Hogan
West Country Boy
Joseph Mann

Joseph Mann creates instantly lovable characters from the most unexpected things. In his highly capable hands, shopping bags and biscuits, crushed cars and even damaged wallpaper become heroes, comic foils and tragic figures. His attention to detail and gentle humour gives all of his work a richness and warmth that the viewer cannot help but embrace. You can tell, even at a glance, that everything on the screen is there for a reason, to enhance the viewing experience. Joe is not a filmmaker who has ever used the phrase “that’ll do”.

Awards & Recognition

Keaton Henson ‘Small Hands’
Winner Rushes Soho Shorts 2012 
MVA's Best Budget video 2013 (Shortlisted)
Cameraimage Festival 2012 Best music video (Shortlisted)

Cravendale ‘Barry the Biscuit Boy’
British Arrows Craft Awards (Silver)
British Arrows Best 30 second TV commercial (Shortlisted)
Shots Best Animation in a Commercial (Shortlisted)
Young Director Award Cannes Lions 2014 (Shortlisted)

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