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About Us

We are a world class, London based animation studio. We create short-form video content with our partners in advertising, music, gaming, fashion and broadcast industries.

We love blending innovative new technology with classical cinematic craft, always focussing on the fundamentals of storytelling, character and emotion. Our work spans live-action film-making to hand-crafted traditional animation, to modern CGI, and everything in between.

Our mission is to make films that move people. In each and every project we endeavour to undertake something new, something different, something unique. A contribution to culture, no matter how modest.

We’re a proud part of the Blink family, a fully independent, owner operated production group established in 1985. We create advertising, art, music and entertainment across our 4 divisions. Our culture is highly collaborative and our working processes are fully integrated, supported by decades of award-winning expertise and a relentless drive for creative excellence.

Our Team

We represent a roster of highly skilled Directors, supported by a cracking team of Producers, Artists and Technicians. We come from a diverse array of creative backgrounds and have collected many awards along the way, including BAFTAs, D&ADs, Cannes Lions, British Television Advertising Awards, British Animation Awards, and more.

Working With Us

We work with advertising agencies, broadcasters, brands, music companies, content platforms and cultural institutions. If you’re interested in working with us, we can develop your project from any stage, complementing your existing capabilities in an efficient, collaborative partnership.

Starting from a script 

You have your strategy, your concept and a script. We can work with you on the visual development, storytelling, characters, design and technique. We then manage the entire film-making process from pre-production through to delivery. In animation, the budget and schedule always play a big role in the creative process and we can tailor a unique approach to suit your circumstances.

Starting from a idea

You know your strategy and you have a concept in mind that you’d like to develop further. We can help you build that out into an engaging story with real heart. From scripting & storyboards, then into a moving animatic, before proceeding into full production. Our writers and story-artists bring a wealth of experience from advertising, film, television.

Starting with a brief

Our strategists and creatives can engage with your business problem and devise original creative concepts that we can quickly and efficiently roll into visual development and then on into production. We can also handle legal & administration duties, media planning and distribution if required.

Creative Collaboration

We also work directly with commissioners, labels, management, artists and designers to create music videos, short films and fashion content. We’re always happy to discuss projects of all shapes and sizes, so If you’d like to have a chat about something just give us a call.

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