Trolli "2020"

Becky & Joe
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Witness the many dripping faces of ‘Mouth Monster’, who's reign of terror upon a small village is halted by the unexpected consumption of a sugary Trolli worm. Upon eating, our horrible antagonist is transformed into a big cuddly, fluffy, pink thing. Sadly the young boy in the second film, is not met with as joyful an ending. Becky & Joe once again team up with W&K Portland, to bring the Trolli world to life. As with our 2019 campaign, our stop-motion characters live within wonderfully crafted model sets, with each movement puppeteered to perfection

Mouthy Monster
Hiding Place
Trolli Gif 1
Mm001 0800 10 Graded 0 00 01 06
Hp001 0400 Graded 0 00 04 00
Trolli Gif 3
Trolli Gif 2
Hp001 0800 Graded 0 00 00 21
Mm001 0400 Graded 0 00 01 18
Trolli Gif 4
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