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Raman Djafari
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Raman Djafari oversaw the creative direction of this selection of ‘Creator Shorts’, made in collaboration with Spotify’s in-house creative team. Working with a range of diverse artist collaborators from across the globe (including Taiwan, the Netherlands, Argentina, Senegal & Indonesia - to name just a few), Raman and his team present us with ten unique shorts, capturing the rich visual style of each artist and blending them into one eclectic campaign to help capture the current moment in all its eccentric glory.

Yearning - Raman Djafari
Jawbreaking - Parsa Mostaghim
Top Dog - Yonk
Owning It - Moera
So Alive - Cheng-Hsu Chung
Decompressing - Erma Flend
Raman Djafari Spotify NOW Still 04
Raman Djafari Spotify NOW GIF 05
Raman Djafari Spotify NOW GIF 02
Raman Djafari Spotify NOW Still 01
Raman Djafari Spotify NOW GIF 03
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