Maynards Bassetts "Tasty Intermissions"

Various Directors

Connoisseur confectioners, Maynards and Bassetts have merged to form one super brand and to celebrate they commissioned a total of nine directors across Blinkink & Blink Art to create a random and surprising set of intermissions for TV and social media.

With such a broad range of talent available across the Blink Family, we were able to create a surreal mix of live action, animation, puppetry, mixed media, stop frame and hand drawn ads for Maynard Bassetts. In keeping with the brand’s irreverent approach, these are no ordinary adverts, but tasty intermissions - a bonkers break from the norm!

Swing Ball - Nicos Livesey
Aerobics - Chris Bristow
Drummer - Jonny and Will
Table - Tom O'meara
Walks - Parabella
Zapper - Sam Lyon
Sheep - Chris Bristow
Worship - Cartwright Gantz
Robot - Rob Flowers
Affair - Sebaldo
Juicy - Nicos Livesey
Ants - Chris Bristow
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