K/DA "VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras"


Trizz Studio and Riot Games team up to bring the latest from virtual supergroup K/DA. "VILLAIN" explores the complexities of Evelynn’s character and in the video for the hit song, they examined the psyche and dark recesses of her mind. Trizz's talented team forged benchmarks, crafting an evocative 3 minutes of full CGI with an unforgettable character within an unforgiving landscape. Evelynn’s character in “VILLAIN” just might redefine what it takes to be an A-list, pop Diva!

Evelynn Gif 6
Evelynn Master 111020 H 264 00 02 01 17 Still002
Evelynn Master 111020 H 264 00 01 21 13 Still002
Evelynn Gif 1
Evelynn Gif 5
Evelynn Master 111020 H 264 00 00 08 23 Still006
Evelynn Master 111020 H 264 00 02 21 16 Still004
Evelynn Gif 4
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