Alfie Kungu "Gap Tooth"

James Papper
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Gap Tooth
James Papper packs a punch in this short promoting GAP TOOTH, artist Alfie Kungu’s latest book release with Village Books of the same name. Using 2D animation over live-action footage, James creates an immersive and playful glimpse into Alfie Kungu's world. 
Gaptooth Promo V04 Gif 2
Gaptooth Promo V04 H 264 00 01 51 13 Still005
Gaptooth Promo V04 H 264 00 01 01 22 Still008
Gaptooth Promo V04 3
Gaptooth Promo V04 Gif 5
Gaptooth Promo V04 H 264 00 00 22 21 Still007
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