R.E.M Fragrance "Ariana Grande"

Olivier Lescot

Olivier Lescot teams up with Ariana Grande to create this wonderful short for R.E.M. through the agency Collaborate. Capturing Ariana as a 2d superhero, she embarks on a search and rescue mission to find her canine companion. A mix of beautifully futuristic scenery with Olivier's seamless action scenes, this is one you don't want to miss. 

Rem Gif 1
Rem Full Master 16X9 H264 00 00 28 04 Still004
Rem Full Master 16X9 H264 00 00 42 00 Still005
Rem Gif 4
Rem Gif 3
Rem Full Master 16X9 H264 00 00 05 09 Still001
Rem Full Master 16X9 H264 00 00 09 21 Still003
Rem Gif 2
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